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Non-fungible digital asset
for the real economy
A new concept of digital coupons
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Limitations of existing mobile coupons
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No ownership
Fraud can occur when trading coupons,
such as when trading through
screenshots of the barcode.
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It is difficult to issue mobile gift coupons
at non-franchise stores due to the cost
of upgrading POS terminals.
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Billions of won in lost income
Billions of won per year is returned to the
company that issued the gift coupons that
had not been used prior to the expiry date.
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Exceeding the limitations of mobile coupons

Blockchain Solution for a New Era of Digital Coupon

removed limits

First tokenization of gift coupons

The mobile coupon can be safely traded through the ownership information on a non-fungible token.

removed limits

High-speed protocol

The dPon network is capable of processing 1,500 transactions per second, which means it can handle 46 billion transactions per year worth 233 trillion won (if each coupon cost 5000 won).

removed limits

Gift coupons anyone can make

Anyone can make and distribute the gift coupons they want to make. Both tangible and non-tangible goods can be distributed with the gift coupons.

dPon Wallet

A wallet for everything

ERC721 Compatible

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Partnered with
We are joined by Smartcon, a mobile coupon commerce company
whose coupons are available at approximately 30,000 franchises nationwide



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Stay up to date with token discounts, coupon events, and more